HiMirror just launched an interesting product that will be of particular interest to those who want to have their skin in the best possible conditions.

HiMirror , users pictures through the high - resolution camera that will be taken from the top , which will be analyzed thoroughly to detect potential problems and provide treatment to them, also allowing to track the results. In this regard, it will also provide detailed information about the products indicated in the treatments offered.

HiMirror pay attention to dark circles, red spots, fine lines, pores and other aspects to carry out their reports through its Synthesis Index for perfect skin, which provide information about the firmness of the skin, its luster, texture , clarity and overall health. In addition, HiMirror has comprehensive protection to preserve the privacy of users. HiMirror cost is about $ 189 that will rise to $ 259 if purchased with your system ambient light.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

It Also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, shows the local temperature, you can synchronize with Google Calendar calendars, and even can also play songs through Spotify. As if that were not enough, also it has its own mobile application with which users can track their treatments wherever they are.

Finally, it is easy to install in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, among other places. The camera itself will adapt the light levels in the place where it is located and automatically adjust the balance, color temperature and flash to ensure the quality of the photographs it takes of the users.

Below we present to you with a demo video.