The power of the Internet is almost unlimited , and when millions of people join forces can reach such amazing things. Today you can help burst a balloon live.

Puff Up Club is an experimental art installation in which anyone can interact. Visitors to  find a live video feed with a balloon being inflated inside a wooden box. You can help continue to increase in size by pressing the "Puff" button at the bottom of the page.

The operation is very simple: the more people pressed that button, the faster you grow the size of the balloon . At some point you reach the balloon to the opposite side with a blade that will get it explode. The project is a work of the Dutch study based on Amsterdam  Moniker . He is currently in the "Level 8 , " and to achieve the previous level exploit it took 12,000 people.

Of course, as you increase the level it will be more difficult to explode the balloon. Participants will have until June 17 to end all levels. As you can see in the video below. he did not need much patience, clicks and users to get to explode the balloon first level. Now the thing is much more complicated.

Here is the website check out :-