unSend.it, a tool that allows us to cancel sending an email or edit even after being sent .

If you usually use email as a communication tool on a regular basis, it is likely that more than one occasion you send an email mistakenly pressing the "Send" button .

One of the main advantages which stands unSend.it is allowing us to use our current email address. In fact, to make use of the tool must simply register through the official website, indicating our email address and setting a password. It is also important to highlight that works even after the email has been read by the recipient . If we focus on the possibilities of unSend.it, not only allows you to edit the contents of the email, but if you have attached a file, we can also remove it. Still, keep in mind that the email in question remain in the recipient's inbox, even though its contents may be removed.

How do they do this, the tool of which I speak is responsible for converting the content of the email into an image , as well as to accommodate attachments on company servers. Thus, if modify the contents of email, the recipient will no longer have the same access to the original image. Finally, take the opportunity to emphasize that also handles unSend.it tell if our email has been set up in addition to allowing the automatic destruction of the message again after a certain period of time open. Sure, it may be an interesting tool for those times when you send mail to the wrong recipient, we make a mistake or attached the wrong file. If you has drawn attention, you can try unSend.it free through the project website.

Website Link:- unSendit