If we want to renew the homepage of your website and give your personal style, you can use the selection of public domain videos found in Coverr .

Here in Coverr collection you can choose free 15-second videos about each covering different topics, and then integrate it in a few steps on the homepage of your website. There are eight categories to choose from, including food, animals, nature, etc., so we can find videos that fit the theme of our blog.

Each of the videos has 3 options, one for a preview and decide if it fits our preferences, the download option and the ability to see it in action on the same homepage Coverr. This will prevent frustrate us not having the expected results on our website.

In addition to the video that we will download, you need to copy and paste a few snippets on your website, following the instructions detailed in Coverr. Every Monday 7 new videos are uploaded, so we can save Coverr among our favorites, or subscribe to inform us in every update.

No registration is required to view videos or to download them. We just have to take a few minutes to find the right video to our homepage.

Link :- Coverr