When we take our portrait photos or selfies through our mobile devices, it is possible that our faces are not good on the photo. But although they appear good here are solutions that allow us to make the necessary corrections.

One such solution comes from the Princeton University, who has developed a work about the method of digital change in the position that we appear on along with the distance between the camera and us.

On the web where they talk about this work, they have a demo in beta phase in which users can improve their portraits in those photographs that which have not come right .

For example, as we had the camera very close and then the photo came up with the bigger nose than normal. Well, in this demo just we have to raise our portrait and indicate the left ear, the top of our face, and the right ear in the photograph itself.

After the process is outlined in the work itself, a new image will be generated with some corrections although users have the ability to manually modify three aspects. The camera distance and both horizontal tilt and vertical our faces. Where we can go checking in real time the results of these changes and stick with those that is more favour to us being able to obtain the new image and even share it on social networks.

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