These three singers disputed the throne to the person with the most followers in the world, guess who won?

Singer Katy Perry has just become the undisputed queen of Twitter to be the first person to reach 80 million followers . However, the interpreter does not lack competence in the ranking of the most popular Twitter users, since the young Justin Bieber , whom he overcame in 2013- his heels with 73 million followers, like the Famous Taylor Swift , which has 69 million.

From the point of view of Katy, who opened his account in 2009, one of the reasons for its success on social networks is that it is clear that it is she who writes their own tweets.

I would say that write 90 percent of my tweets, I always make them up as you go and you can tell it easily because they are full of misspellings and typos. The other 5 percent are work-related things, and to keep people abreast of where I'm going to play or if I go to a concert, "the singer explained to Mashable portal.

Despite its popularity in social networks, sometimes Katy likes leaving off the virtual world using your mobile for a few days.

"Sometimes I do, yes, especially when I'm concentrating on something. Right now I'm chilling out there in vacation mode, I have put my belt and I'm taking a little break, "she admitted. 

"I think I have to find a balance between long and tweeting anything besides, I have so many followers that no one wants to end his timeline filling him with my message," she added.


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