Star Wars and Electronic Arts does not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate with the fans of the franchise. Therefore, those who access Star Wars: Battlefront that day will receive gift 4,444 credits

On May 4 , the Day of Star Wars and Electronic Arts does not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate with the fans of the franchise. Therefore, those who access Star Wars: Battlefront that day will receive gift 4,444 credits, plus other special contract Jabba the Hutt.

If you have not you have become with this spectacular multiplayer shooter, May 4 you will have opportunity to enjoy without charge of four hours of play in Origin, although EA notes that will only be available the contents of the original title, no maps and extras of the various DLC released so far.

Also the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic joins the celebration of this anniversary allowing everyone free access to the expansion Knight of the Fallen Empire from now until next May 30. Those accessing this adventure RPG from today until May 4, will also receive a gift of a small robotic pet called M4-16 Zakuulan Astromech Droid.

From 3 to May 10, there will be a special event with the possibility of winning the double experience , double commendations in PvP play, double points in the Starfighter combat, and the same if we talk about the points Legacy .

Finally, the game interesting mobile Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will offer a discount of 25 percent crystals on 4 May. And from today until May 5, there will be a different game mode every day with twice the rewards. The first one by the name of Cantina Battles.


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