Opera Sync allows users to synchronize their data and preferences across different devices . It is a feature offered by most browsers and others as extensions. It is useful and serves to save a lot of time.

Opera is one of the most popular browsers, and have always claimed that one of its strengths is safety. Now the company has acknowledged that an unknown hacker has gained access to "synchronization system" (sync system), endangering information of 1.7 million users.

The Norwegian company has published an entry on his blog that "some users of Opera Sync" (where passwords are saved) could be in the hands of the hacker, advising all users to change passwords for all services they use. This means that if you use Opera Sync you should change the passwords on all your social networks, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, etc .

Opera Sync, it contains valuable and sensitive information, so if you're using Opera Sync you should hurry up and change all passwords that you had stored there and might not continue to use this service.


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