NutriRay3D, an accessory for smartphones that will analyze your food and provides the nutritional information present in the food.

People who are tend to increasingly interested in the nutritional information of the foods they eat. Today we speak of NutriRay3D, an accessory for smartphones that will analyze your food .

First of all, it is important to note that there is a gadget that has just begun its campaign of crowdfunding or collective financing Indiegogo, so it is not a finished product. Still, the company already has a fully functional prototype . If we focus on the main characteristics by highlighting, NutriRay3D promises to be able to provide nutritional information on foods instantly . To do this, its creators have developed a device that can scan the contents of your plate with high precision laser system. As for its operation we should only connect our smartphone and point to the food you want to analyze. Thus, NutriRay3D be responsible for providing the information required by an application. Its creators claim that the accuracy is between 87.5 and 91% . As for price, you can reserve a unit for a special price of $ 199. 

we leave you with the video presentation of NutriRay3D: