Microsoft announced that alert users of its services, including and onedrive, when suspected government hackers try to hack your accounts.

Microsoft already has long notifies users if other unauthorized person tries to access your accounts and in these cases also offers recommendations to secure your account. But according to Scott Charney, Vice Chairman of the Trustworthy Computing of Microsoft, they have decided to take additional measures in the event sponsored by states as they can be much more sophisticated attacks carried out by cyber criminals or other individuals attacks.

A few days ago Reuters asked the company  why it had not notified affected by such attacks, referring to a complaint from two employees of the firm in 2011 unveiled the company's experts concluded that the Chinese state was users author of a campaign against leaders of ethnic  Tibetan  and   Uighur  , but the company decided not to alert those leaders who were attacked through its Hotmail email service.

Microsoft responded that neither the company nor the US government could accurately detect the sources of the attacks did not take place as from one country.


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