The singer has become trending topic after sharing on Instagram a series of images in which her skin and face look very different.

Hard to believe we're talking about the same singer who appeared in the video for "Lady Marmalade" , back in 2001, but the truth is that the blonde woman seen in the photo below is effectively Lil 'Kim version 2016.

While the artist, one of the leaders in the world of rap often continually changed color hair and plays with wigs and different looks, this time further transformation lead to the point of being totally unrecognizable.

Kimberly Jones - that's her real name - rose to Instagram a collage of six photos in which not only noticed surgeries and other hair color but also clearer skin. It was the latter precisely what sparked the controversy. The post on Instagram circulates on other networks. In fact, many Twitter users shared pictures of the singer showing the differences of her skin colour and face.

For now, the singer, who has always avoided answering any questions about her image or plastic surgery has made no statements regarding sparked uproar and has continued uploading images and videos to her prolific social network.

It is recalled that Lil 'Kim said in an opportunity that her boyfriends always deceived her with "beautiful European women", which means many are remembering now that the controversy has come up with new image. 

Brooklyn rapper gained worldwide fame in the late 90s and in 2000 for her collaborations with artists like Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy and even Christina Aguilera. In 2001 she won a Grammy award for the remix of the song "Lady Marmalade" , which appeared on the soundtrack of the film Moulin Rouge and on the video we can see the impressive change of appearance that has suffered in recent years. Virtually unrecognizable


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