HB Ring, wearable for married couples in love or just people who need it. And with it you can feel the heartbeat of your loved once.

Since centuries the rings represent the connection between people. The company the Touch  has wanted to bring that essence binding a new modern level with a curious product called HB Ring, wearable for married couples in love or just people who need it.

This is a pair of rings connected together, with heart rate sensors, so that whoever carries one can be aware of the heartbeat of his companion who wears ring. Rather, these rings you can see and feel, literally, the pulse of a loved one, in real time, without disturbing the other person to Confirmatory notifications being aware of your pulse, and at any time of day .

Of course, the magic is in such pulse sensors and mobile applications for iOS and Android to the rings is connected via Bluetooth to phones are the bridge that transmits pulses via the Internet to the other ring. As for what to see and feel, is mentioned as the pulse are replicated with slight light and vibration alerts that are activated with just a touch.

The rings are sold in pairs, even preorder for November 2016 is the estimated date of arrival, and come in two forms: stainless steel for $ 599 and 18-karat rose gold for 2,990 dollars. Among other details, it is guaranteed up to 160 hours of battery standby and 14 hours in active.

Source : HB Ring


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