Samsung much of surprises with their devices and product announcements for the sector of consumer electronics. This year has been no exception and the first batch of releases at CES 2016.

1. A refrigerator with large touch screen to make purchases

A refrigerator with large touch screen to make purchases

It has officially announced the new smart refrigerator , Refrigerator Family Hub, which speculated the other day. Have features like Tizen operating system, a touch screen 21.5-inch Full HD, three cameras inside and connectivity to other household devices are confirmed.

Sure, the magic is in its functionality, which allows: to publish on social networks, sharing and updating calendars, manage photos, play music in streaming by connecting the sound system, see reflecting screen Smart TV programs, make reservations food, with the help of the cameras, keep track of expiration dates and, among other things, food shopping online instantly using the new service as Groceries by MasterCard . Read More at Samsung Website