The best shortcuts in Excel you need to know
Fortunately there are many ways to master the spreadsheet application. One is to know the main ways is keyboard shortcuts. With them you will gain a lot of time and will minimise efforts . So here are some of the shortcuts which will help you.

F4  Repeat the last edition 
F11  New Chart 
ALT  Access a ribbon for formulas 
ALT + =  automatic Sum in selected cells 
ALT + Enter  New line in the same cell 
PGUP / PGDN   Go to the previous / next page of calculus 
CTRL + *  Select a cell range automatically without dragging the mouse 
CTRL + `  Displays formulas 
CTRL + Backspace  Displays the active cell 
CTRL + Shift + &  Apply a border to the selected cells 
CTRL + B  Bold 
CTRL + I  Italics 
CTRL + K Insert hyperlink
CTRL +  ; Adds todays date
CTRL + + (plus key ) Add row or column
CTRL + - (minus key) Removes row or column 
CTRL + Shift + $ Style currency number 
CTRL + Shift +%  Style percentage number
CTRL + Shift + ^   Style scientific notation 
CTRL + Shift + @  date Style 
CTRL + F12  Open 
CTRL + Spacebar  Select entire column 
Shift + Spacebar  Select entire row 
CTRL + [ Select all cells directly related to formulas a selection 
CTRL + D Copy equation 
CTRL + H  Find and replace 
CTRL + J  Repeats the contents of the previous cell 
CTRL + Z  Removes step above Fingered 
CTRL + left Arrow  Move left 
CTRL + right Arrow  Move right 
CTRL + up arrow  Move up 
CTRL + down arrow  Move down
CTRL + Shift + down arrow  Select until the end of the data
CTRL + Enter  same data in multiple cells 
Shift + F3  Open excel formula window