Pokemon Go Mobile Case with a striking style of Pokédex . It is designed to provide extra battery to phone while hunting pokémon.

Pokémon GO continues its fever, and this time with a Mobile Case with a striking style of Pokédex . It is designed to provide extra battery to phone while hunting Pokémon. It is worth knowing that the Game on both Android and iOS consume high battery. Because it requires camera, GPS, mobile data, and rendering display on a map in real time.

Due to high battery consumption , there is plenty methods to provide an extra battery life that is required. A legendary Pokémon appears and the mobile turns off. To avoid such situation and what better than a Pokédex to give a fine detail of coquetry that pack of salvation.

A user thought npoole of SparkFun, an online retailer of electronic products. What he achieved was he designed a mobile case of Pokédex style for his Samsung Galaxy S4. Through a 3D printer, decorating with LED lights and enriched with a charging system that provides the mobile 2600mAh extra charge.

Electronic materials and details to create a similar mobile case are on the blog of SparkFun.  If someone wants to replicate As for the 3D printing files, they are available on GitHub. By now only for the S4, but other versions delay, for example, iPhone 6S.