There are many software that helps us create 3D graphics for games, movies and television series. Today in this post I will bring to you the top 5 Software that I found interesting to analyze, and which fit your need as its interface here they are :-

1. Autodesk 3D Max

Autodesk 3D Max

Autodesk came first to sale on 1990 in the DOS system, now you can download the trial version and can acquire the license for an estimated one to three years and may have a somewhat higher price if you want to use it independently for one person. It is a program that memory size about 6 gb and is used in the majorities developers video games and movies, has features such as material editor, environment, shaders, diffuse. and mapping editor for objects. has several tutorials and documentation to explain the use of the program. 

Product Website :- Autodesk 3D Max