Fortunately there are many ways to master the spreadsheet application. One is to know the main ways is keyboard shortcuts. With them you will gain a lot of time and will minimise efforts . So here are some of the shortcuts which will help you.

F4  Repeat the last edition 
F11  New Chart 
ALT  Access a ribbon for formulas 
ALT + =  automatic Sum in selected cells 
ALT + Enter  New line in the same cell 
PGUP / PGDN   Go to the previous / next page of calculus 
CTRL + *  Select a cell range automatically without dragging the mouse 
CTRL + `  Displays formulas 
CTRL + Backspace  Displays the active cell 
CTRL + Shift + &  Apply a border to the selected cells 
CTRL + B  Bold 
CTRL + I  Italics 
CTRL + K Insert hyperlink
CTRL +  ; Adds todays date
CTRL + + (plus key ) Add row or column
CTRL + - (minus key) Removes row or column 
CTRL + Shift + $ Style currency number 
CTRL + Shift +%  Style percentage number
CTRL + Shift + ^   Style scientific notation 
CTRL + Shift + @  date Style 
CTRL + F12  Open 
CTRL + Spacebar  Select entire column 
Shift + Spacebar  Select entire row 
CTRL + [ Select all cells directly related to formulas a selection 
CTRL + D Copy equation 
CTRL + H  Find and replace 
CTRL + J  Repeats the contents of the previous cell 
CTRL + Z  Removes step above Fingered 
CTRL + left Arrow  Move left 
CTRL + right Arrow  Move right 
CTRL + up arrow  Move up 
CTRL + down arrow  Move down
CTRL + Shift + down arrow  Select until the end of the data
CTRL + Enter  same data in multiple cells 
Shift + F3  Open excel formula window